Release Mk.20

tcp cloud a.s. is releasing version of their OpenStack based cloud platform solution called Mk.20.

It is the first open source tcp cloud release built on latest OpenStack and other open-source components.

Full Release Notes

How to

We provide comprehensive documentation and full support for our Mk.20 release.

Documentation covers reference architecture, quick start guide for installing and operating our solution.

Start Deploying

Release Overview

Following scheme shows all components of our OpenStack release along with our Interal Building Facility and community environment.

Open Source Projects tcp cloud Engineering Support Layer Interface Layer Automation Layer Abstraction Layer Bare Metal Layer Virtualization Layer Compute KVM Storage Network Configuration and Orchestration Openstack SAN, NAS, SDS, DFS OpenContrail Life Cycle Management tcp cloud Bare Metal Lab Monitoring, Metering, Logging, Billing Service API Endpoints User Dashboards, Data Analytics, Visualizations Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Operations Configuration, Orchestration Package Repository CI/CD Pipelines tcp cloud Mk.20 tcp cloud tools Support and Documentation Active Contribution to community projects Integrations Operations L8 L7 L2 L1 L3 L4 L6 L5

New features

Support for latest OpenStack Kilo release

The OpenStack core projects in the tcp cloud hardened packages support Kilo 2015.1 release on Ubuntu 14.04.

HA stability and scalability improvements

Mk.20 includes a number of private improvements for better stability and scalability of deployed environment.

Software defined networking improvements

Mk.20 includes OpenContrail R.2.2 with support for physical routers, bare-metal servers and TOR switches.

Metering improvements

Mk.20 pushes ceilometer data to Gaphite or other time-series database for further processing.

Operation automation

Automatic and repeatable deployment and operation is done by configuration management SaltStack.

Package management

Our package pipelines streamline management of packages and pagkage repositories for Debian systems.



Check out our repositories at GitHub to get the latest code.


Get the latest packages from our repositories on Launchpad.

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